Almost every U.S. military base has a used car lot, or resale lot, where members of the military community park their vehicles to sell … cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, campers, trailers … any licensed vehicle. The resale lot is popularly called the “Lemon Lot” … an unofficial, jestful term of endearment. But these vehicles are not lemons. The purpose of the “Lemon Lot” is to help the military buy or sell their vehicles within the military community with no hassles, scams, or fraud. And quickly … often because of short-notice deployments or orders to move. The “Lemon Lot” at overseas bases has an even higher demand for trust-worthy, quick sales with no hassles because of the unknowns about the market off base. Taken together–in the U.S. or overseas–the “Lemon Lot” has been making a popular name for itself at our worldwide U.S. military bases and is an important part of the military family’s life.

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