At Reach Advertising Inc., our purpose is to provide outstanding internet-based advertising services to meet niche markets with leading-edge web design solutions.
We opened our business in 2007 when we launched our first advertising web site called Our mission at that time was to help the military community buy and sell their vehicles. And it worked! A couple of years later, we made a strategic decision to broaden our approach with and the results got even better. And now in 2014, we have a portfolio of web sites that are targeted to the U.S. military community to provide them the very best car buying services and information. We are applying our design solutions and branching out to local communities where we focus on developing unique sites that extend the reach of these small business.
We incorporated in February of 2011 as Reach Advertising Inc. The owner of Reach Advertising Inc is a 22-year Air Force retired veteran who is determined to help serve the needs of the U.S. military members and their families. He has formed an expert team of young, tech-savy, and passionate partners who share the vision to provide these advertising services with excellence.
Our lead developer and co-owner is a Millennial; who recently received his B.S.E from the University of Michigan and serves proudly in the United States Air Force.
A majority of the design work and business strategies are created by our team. But we welcome any potential investors with ideas that they would like to see happen. We are capable of producing any type of website ranging from small car dealership inventory sites to a largely database driven auto classifieds site. There is much work done behind the scenes through partnered web development companies and advertising agencies. If you would like to join our team please contact us and we will get back to you.